Why website is running slow?

Slow site speed can happen for various reasons. Very often this means at least one of the following problems:

  • Unoptimized or poorly optimized code;
  • Hosting restrictions (low tariff, weak hardware, network delays).

Even if your website is fast today, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is the maximum number of visitors on a website at which the page generation speed is comfortable for the users?
  2. What is the maximum number of visitors to a website leading to its complete incapacitation?
  3. Due to what the site can fail when the load increases (first of all): processor time, exhaustion of RAM or blockage of the network channel?

You can solve these problems by hiring an experienced programmer or IT consultant. There are also special companies that test hardware and software. They conduct audit, testing, and maintenance of your website and mobile application. And give a detailed report on how to improve the performance and speed of your site.

The last point is especially important when an influx of new users is expected (for example, due to an advertising campaign), since their browsers don’t yet have cached resources from your website (styles, images, js scripts). If the bandwidth of the network channel is not very large, then the website may crash due to traffic. Load testing using special services is carried out in order to answer these and other questions. Load testing requires specialized software and experienced staff. But it is better to order load testing of the website from the professionals.

Contacting a company tester will help you reduce costs and speed up the testing time for your website or application.

Quality testing companies have a large staff, all the necessary resources for professional testing, and most importantly, when testing, they take into account all the factors affecting the speed of the … Read More ...

What is the Difference Between KVM and OpenVZ

With the evolution of new hosting technologies, solutions like VPS Hosting seems to be on the rise. As the name suggests, VPS runs on Virtual Private Servers which use virtualization to isolate servers from the host machine. A VPS network is designed in a manner wherein the main physical server is separated into multiple smaller servers. Each such smaller server is complete in itself with its respective hardware, applications, storage, and more. The technique of virtualization makes this hosting technology unique and more efficient. Now, there are two types of virtualization – KVM and OpenVZ.

Let’s look at what each of entail.

KVM or Kernel-based Virtual Machine is a technology that runs on the Linux kernel of VPS hosting server. It transforms the kernel into a hypervisor, which then helps create multiple virtual servers, also called guest machines. In a way, KVM is responsible for the isolation of servers on the host machine.

OpenVZ is a virtualization technology that runs at the operating-system level, which is usually Linux. Although the virtual servers are isolated, they all run on the same operating system, facilitated by OpenVZ.

Each of these technologies has its own advantages and disadvantages and come with respective functionalities.

Key differences between KVM and OpenVZ

KVM is highly versatile and customizable. While it runs primarily with Linux OS, KVM also supports almost all currently used operating systems like, CentOS 6 / CentOS 7 / Ubuntu 16.04 / Fedora 23 / Debian 8, Plesk Onyx, etc.

Furthermore, with KVM, you can always set the lowest or highest values for your resource utilization on the system. This allows you to use only what your applications need or demand, thus optimizing resources and performance at the same time. Since KVM helps isolate servers completely, each such server has its dedicated resources, … Read More ...

How Does Blogging Help My SEO?

Have you ever heard that blogging will help your SEO ranking? If you have heard this before, you heard correctly! First, we want to explain exactly what SEO is. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is where your website ranks on search engine sites like Google or Bing. When you are ranked higher you will have more people visit your website and in return, they will purchase products or go to your location more often. That is one of the reasons why SEO is so important.

The next point we want to make is that blogging does help increase your SEO. Although SEO has many different parts to it, one of the parts is blogging. That is why it’s so important to blog on a regular basis. No, a regular basis doesn’t mean daily, but if you can try to blog at least one time per month that will really help your ranking? Why is this though? Keep reading as we dive in.

Fresh content

The first thing that blogs do is it adds fresh content to your website for a fresh web design. Google likes when fresh content is added but how do you consistently update your website? You add blogs to it! Adding blogs shows you are adding great content. Try and make each blog at least 500 words and add keywords in it from your Google Analytics account which shows you what type of keywords or keyword your target audience is typing into Google in order to find websites like yours.

Can repurpose the blog

One great part about blogging is that you can repurpose it on your social media pages. This means your blogs get to be seen time and time again even after they have been posted months ago. When Google sees … Read More ...

8 best solar devices for travelers

A new trend has appeared on the mobile device market – smartphones and tablets with an integrated solar panel. These devices are ideal for travelers because they do not need access to outlets. We have collected 8 of the best smartphones, tablets and other devices working on solar energy and intended for tourists.

Sunny smartphone Kyocera Torque SKT01

The Japanese company Kyocera is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar panels. And even her own smartphones she decided to equip with similar technologies. The first serial solar phone from this company will be a device called Kyocera Torque SKT01.

Interestingly, the solar panel in this device will not be built into the cover on the back of the phone. It will become part of the Kyocera Torque SKT01 screen. This unit will use the innovative technology Wysips Crystal, implying the integration of solar panels with the display.

This technology allows you to significantly extend the duration of the smartphone on a single battery charge. True, the power of the solar panel integrated into Wysips Crystal is still not enough to fully charge the battery in the phone within one daylight hours.

Earl Solar Tablet Computer

Earl is the world’s first tablet computer, which without exaggeration can be called an “SUV”. This device is designed for real adventure travelers to save them even in the most difficult situations.

Unlike other tablets, Earl is equipped with a monochrome screen based on the technology of electronic ink E-Ink. This technical feature repeatedly extends the duration of the device, because such a display consumes significantly less energy than the standard full-color LED.

At the same time, a solar battery is built into the back panel of the Earl tablet computer, which allows you to charge it anywhere without being tied to the presence … Read More ...

How to Manage a Network Software Project

If you’re in charge of a network software project, then there are a few vital aspects you need to comprehend fully. As an illustration, you’ll need to make sure that your VoIP monitoring solutions are adequately implemented if you wish for your project to be successful. Along the same lines, you should consider the fact that you’ll need to adjust your goals depending on the size of your overall project.

At the same time, you may have to carry out a few vital workshops (and this is just a general rule) to quickly scan all of the different aspects of your network software. On top of that, you ought to be aware that the project management leader should thus be an organizer, an expert, and a mediator. On the same subject, you should also understand that to enact the organization of an audit of your network software solutions it is necessary for you to bring together every one of the different key users.

Additionally, these key users will have, before this initial meeting, centralized and analyzed all of the various problems presently encountered by each of the different end users. On the other hand, you should give some thought to the notion that you’ll need to consider the following: your overall planning strategy and any custom network software modules that you may need. Additionally, you’ll need to think about how you wish to handle your information flow management and how you plan to do your resource allocation.

Moreover, you’ll discuss how you want to manage your cost controls, how you’ll prepare your overall financial optimization, how you’ll design your monitoring indicators, and how you’ll analyze your overall progress with regards to the many milestones you should set for yourself. At the same time, you should keep in mind that a … Read More ...

Benefits of Conducting Vulnerability Tests to a Computer Network

Information technology systems are critical to the growth and progress of the organization. The methods used in an organization offer significant benefits such as efficiency at the workplace while at the same time ensuring that organizations use a little amount of money to undertake the normal operations. However, these systems are vulnerable to attacks, which mostly originate from cybercriminals who are highly informed about IT systems. Conducting a vulnerability test is, therefore, an essential aspect of any organization as it offers significant benefits some of which have been discussed below.

Identify Security Exposures

Organizational leaders have been known to tend to wait until a disaster strikes an organization for them to develop diagnostic measures. This is a reaction strategy that sometimes can be fatal as it might be too late to salvage anything. Conducting vulnerability tests helps an organization to identify security exposures so that they can provide solutions earlier before the attackers can find them. Being ahead of the attackers is a crucial factor for any systems administrator for security reasons.

Define the Level of Risk

Another critical benefit of conducting vulnerability tests is that it helps the IT system user to define the level of risk that the systems face. There is no way an individual can be able to provide security to the system without understanding the level of risk exposure. Security systems such as firewalls and other essential security methods such as physical barriers are applied concerning risk levels. Defining the levels of risk will give a system administrator the chance to select the best security method for the computer systems in the organization.

Creating Inventory of all Devices

Any person who wants to conduct a system vulnerability test must always understand all the systems in a network. There is no way an individual can be … Read More ...

Key Steps to Making Your Business Website

Having a website is a necessity for entrepreneurs, small businesses, home businesses, and for anyone who sells products or services. Regardless of your other marketing methods, if you have a website it is very likely that potential customers will find your business through Google search or find out more about your business after they find out about your business through other marketing media. This is one of the keys to creating and finding your new customers, for more information : small business IT support services

If you sell online services or sell your products online, having a website is a must. But if you don’t sell anything online, having a website can also be likened to your business home in the online world that contains information about your business and the services you offer. The most important thing is your website must contain your background, your experience, and social provement or testimonial about you so that it can give a professional impression on your business

Determine the Purpose of Your Website

The first step is to determine the purpose of your website. It could be that the website is a static website (there is no change in content on a regular basis) and only explains about information to your potential customers about your services and how to contact you. Or you might want to create a website that contains information about your business and provide useful articles or information that you write for your customers or potential customers.

You might even be able to create a blog on the internet and invite potential customers as part of your marketing strategy on social media. Of course you can sell your business products and services online.

Knowing the purpose of your website is an important initial step because having your goals will … Read More ...

The Fundamental Guide to Picking the Right SEO Provider That Can Offer the Best Results

There are many proponents of solutions online that promise complete growth for any type of business. These strategies to improve sales may come mostly from SEO techniques. The results SEO offers are supposed to extend exposure to a company, lend significant popularity to it and may grow the firm to a highly profitable level. However, not all SEO strategies are made equal. Most SEO companies are not able to deliver the targeted results. And this article will be a guide for the parties and companies involved on how to best manage an SEO strategy that won’t leave any important SEO factor behind.

The first thing that clients of SEO strategies should think about is that good SEO takes time. Experts suggest that long-term strategies that take time are best fit for any type of company. It is also important for companies to also pick the company for SEO strategies that can deliver long-term relationships and results. For starters, a good SEO strategy would take about 4-12 months, and this should be the right time frame to measure results.

A good SEO strategy should also require an SEO partner, and not just an SEO provider. There are many expert opinions from reliable authorities that would agree to such attitude in business. When there’s strong partnership, there’s more shared values. More shared values means less cheating and less likelihood of scamming the other business partner. As they say, there’s even honor and a set of rules among those who don’t stick to rules. And this is something that a company should look for in any type of SEO provider. A good SEO strategist should be able to establish itself as a solid long-term partner in the strategy of the company. Those companies offering short-term solutions may cheat the system and will resort … Read More ...

The Right Mindset to Generate Leads

For those of you that are thinking about running your own business and those of you that are struggling with your business, there are quite a few factors that you have to look at. One of the factors you have to look at is your mindset. If you are trying to start a business and you have the background of an employee, there is one thing that you need to know. The mindset of an employee is different from the mindset of an entrepreneur business owner. In order to be able to successfully generate leads, you are going to have to change your mindset.

One difference in mindset between the employee and the entrepreneur is that while the employee thinks about money, the entrepreneur thinks about time. One of the common phrases that is said in business is “Time is money.” Because entrepreneurs are not on the clock like employees are, they have all the time in the day to work towards their goals. At the same time, they have to learn how to manage their time. For one thing, time can run out pretty fast if you are not careful. This is why it is important to focus.

Another difference in mindset between the entrepreneur and the employee is that they are willing to delegate. While the employee is willing to work hard, the entrepreneur learns how to work smart. This includes looking for tools that he can use and information from sources such as https://sellingsimplified.com/. With the right type of information, the entrepreneur can make tons of profits without too much work. While he is aware that it takes time to make money, he is also aware that there is such a thing as too much time. Therefore, he makes it a point to cut … Read More ...

Proof Some Politicians Skipped Too Many History Classes – Prohibition Does Not Work!

It must be true, otherwise how could so many U.S. law makers continue this useless vendetta against Cannabis if they had been listening to their history teachers? Prohibition has never worked and that’s a proven fact. All it really does is provide an opportunity for organized crime to thrive because the black market will always be happy to sell anything the government has forbidden. Remembering Prohibition: Lessons for Cannabis Legalization in the U.S. should be required reading for anyone still against full legalization.

Al Capone rose to criminal fame on the back of alcohol prohibition and more recently, Jimmy Cournoyer of New York was doing so well in the illegal Cannabis industry he owned a car worth $2,000.000 when he was busted. That’s not a misprint, the dude was actually driving a car worth millions because that’s how well Marijuana prohibition worked for him. If laws made more sense neither of those men would have been able to accomplish what they did selling alcohol or marijuana legally.

Prohibitionist Mentality or Clever Plan?

I’m sure proof exists somewhere in the world that some substances are and have been prohibited to the many for the benefit of the few but good luck finding that evidence. You’d think politicians would have realized by now what a sinful waste of tax payer dollars the “war on drugs” has been, but some people are just slow learners.

It’s been said by many the real reason behind prohibition has always been politics for profit and they’d be right. What smells so bad about that is too often the person doing the banning is also the one selling the only other options. Here’s what really happens when the law says you can’t have something anymore.

  • Banned substances immediately flourish on the black market where anyone can buy
Read More ...