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By | October 29, 2017

7 Reasons You Want to Visit Myanmar This Year

Myanmar is one of the emerging democracies of the East and is increasingly proving to be an awesome destination. There was a time you couldn’t imagine visiting this country because it used to be a pariah state,but now,foreign visitors are nursing its nascent tourism industry .

You should seriously consider visiting Myanmar this year-you really want to experience the calming beaches,the breath taking mountains and the amazing cities with rich histories.

This is why you really must consider visiting beautiful and captivating Myanmar.

If there is one word you could use to describe Myanmar’s geography,it is this:mountainous. Myanmar has a few mountain ranges that run from the Himalayas in the North to the Southern part of the nation. Hkakabo Razi happens to be the highest mountain not only in Burma but also in the entire South East Asia region;other mountains are Phonyin Razi, Tani Razi, Madoi Razi, Phangran Razi, Gamlang Razi, Dindaw Razi,and Tami Razi.

The country’s coastline extends for 1,200 miles along the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal. You will love strolling in Ngapali beach and if you can reach the cool Tanintharyi area,you will experience real bliss.Developers are buying land along the beach and soon,the place will start looking less appealing to the eyes as they begin to build homes on there.

You have never seen anything like Myanmar’s former capital city,Yangon;you will see the amazing Pagodas(mostly wooden buildings that are a marvel of architecture) that are evidence of beautiful traditions,colonial-era buildings and great religious sites. Then there is Bagan with its breath taking plain patterned with the majestic brilliance of the temples and the many sites of historic importance.

You couldn’t possibly visit all the spiritual sites in Myanmar. There is depth in the history of the many spiritual and religious sites you will visit,and if you are looking for the spiritual in Myanmar,you will find it everywhere you visit.

If you are into hiking, you will really love walking through the mountain villages where polite people will smile warmly and invitingly to you.

There are other exciting things you could do in Myanmar such as boating in a traditional craft or even experiencing a native elephant ride!

As long as you remain modest and respectful,the people in this country will respond with warmth and acceptance.

You really need to visit Burma and see all these things for yourself. To experience all these beautiful spiritual sites,temples,mountains and historic sites,you need to arrange with a Myanmar private tour company for a suitable Myanmar Tour Package.

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