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By | October 29, 2017

Why You Should Create a Sitemap Before Starting Your Web Design

It is challenging and daunting designing a new website, and this is even more complicated if there is a large volume of data that need to be incorporated and organized. A sitemap refers to the outline of your web contents, giving designers and non-designers a guide and structure of the relevant information that must be organized and incorporated to your new website. It is important to have a clear purpose or goal as reflected on your website. Having a sitemap gives your online viewers a sense of direction, thus promoting positive user experiences. A a sitemap is a helpful tool for your online visitors to enjoy navigating your website without being left hanging or wondering how and why they landed on a particular web page.

Before you start web designing or writing your web contents, a sitemap is helpful in clarifying your website’s goals. You are more confident and assured that every part of your website reinforces your goals. Having a sitemap avoids duplicate web contents, so you are able to save time, effort, and money. If you do not have a sitemap, you may end up duplicating multiple contents because you are unable to track the contents you already created. Duplicate contents must be avoided because Google and other search engines may have problems choosing the most important web page and may end up indexing a web page that does not convert, and ignoring a web page that is designed to convert. Having too many steps may end up tiring a visitor before even signing-up or completing a purchase so that you have a more streamlined conversion funnel.

A sitemap ensures that your web designer, project manager, developer, and content creators are on the same page. It is important for your sitemap to be accessible to everyone working on your website, so it is best to keep it in a central location so more people can view it. Having everyone aligned with the same vision, mission, and principles ensures that you are able to achieve your target goals for your website. You can achieve a functional and well-designed sitemap with the help of Slickplan, so you can achieve the goals of your website in the soonest time possible. Get to know Slickplan products and services by checking their homepage or website now, and you will be helped by their expert sitemap experts!

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