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By | October 29, 2017

What You Need to Know about Professional Drug Testing

Employees and employers alike need to be cautious when it comes to drug policies and screening. In many institutions, there are rules and regulations. To keep your job, it is necessary that you obey the rules. Nevertheless, it is necessary for an employer to constantly be aware of the ever-changing laws on illegal drugs. The laws of the state and the federal laws need to guide the organization’s policies always.

Drug testing is significant for many reasons. If you are an employer, wondering why you should conduct a drug test on your employees you should never be short of explanations. Productivity is key to your workspace, and some drugs will naturally lower productivity.

Safety is another important reason for drug screening. Employees that are emotionally, physically, and mentally unstable because of drugs should not put others in harm’s way. In addition to this, screening for drugs also enables you to promote integrity and an environment that makes your workers want to do the right thing. There are various techniques for screening for drugs professionally. Detailed below are some methods of doing the screening.

A Urinalysis
When it comes to drug testing, urinalysis is usually the most used and most efficient method. The urine test has gained popularity over the years with so many people using it as a standard drug test. This test shows the presence of non-psychoactive drug metabolites contributing to its reputation. It is an effective method that is used to see any indication of cannabis metabolite in the system. The reason behind this is that marijuana metabolite is fat soluble which means that even after two weeks of using the drug it can still be present in your urine.

The Saliva Test
If you want a test that can give you results in a few hours then the saliva test is the best since it is an instant drug test. It mostly detects the presence of parent drugs. The saliva test is a bit more sensitive than any other test because if it is not done right, it ends up giving false results. Additionally, when it comes to the swab test, the window left for detection is usually minimal. Hence, it may be challenging to detect some drugs like marijuana or nicotine if the test is not carried out immediately. Affordability and cost-effectiveness are the only factors that make the saliva test popular.

The Hair Follicle Tests
The hair follicle test is efficient even though it is not as popular as other methods. It easily detects the presence of metabolites on the hair follicles. Nonetheless, the test provides more data because it even brings out the patterns of use.

Blood Test
Lastly, you have the blood test. This happens to be the most accurate technique to test for drugs. This is because many drugs are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. The blood screening test is costly, and many times it is used when either a lot of money or the law is at stake.

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