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By | October 30, 2017

How Branding Design is Affected by Color Psychology

When branding your company, it is important to consider different colors.It is not right to overlook the study of different colors psychology when you are planning your business. In the event that you are not in a position to learn, you may consider hiring top branding experts to assist you.It is important to choose your colors wisely so as to give a positive impact to your business. Below, are merits of color psychology in designing your company’s brand.

In color psychology, different colors have various meanings.However, these colors are not set in stone, they can also have multiple meanings. Green, for example, means money in business but mostly it reflects nature.Red also has more than one meaning which is danger, and also passion.With many colors having numerous meanings, it is advisable that you consider carefully the message that you want to convey to your clients.When you decide on the message, choose the appropriate color for that message and stick to it.

In business, it is important to think about your competitors. It is important to do a comparison among your competitors regarding their branding designs. Create a unique website and logo for your business. Additionally, choose different colors from your competitors.

Although different colors of your company are able to pass a message to customers, it also matters how they are placed.Placement of colors helps in contrasting and saturating two colors which are put next to each other. A good example is using a black background on a white color to make it more saturated and bright. This will assist the customers to get the message being conveyed about your products and services. A visit to ODA Creative will give you an experience of great works from various branding experts.

Subsequently, colors are able to boost your company’s conversion rates.An example of this is when a company changes the “Get Started Now” button to red from green, the conversions were boosted by 21%. In comparison to the other colors, the red color has a great contrast hence the high conversion rate. The red color is also very striking to the eyes. Therefore, because of the color mindset among most people, the red color will boost high conversation rates for a company.

Using the same colors in your company will provide consistency in your company’s brand. A good illustration of color psychology is when a business dealing with foodstuffs uses the white and green colors to represent sanitation and nature respectively.This will create uniformity while conveying a message to the customers.