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By | October 29, 2017

Read This if You Need Help With Dog Crate Sizes

There are many shapes and sizes of dog crates to choose from. However, it is not the shapes that really matter but the dog crates sizes. You should think of it as the dog’s den. Dogs have this natural need to have a den. With that you can pretty much say that your dog’s crate can be his shelter. In this case, the crate should be enough to make the dog feel comfortable and protected.

So what is really the important factor to consider when choosing the size of the crate. There are no exact rules for this. You simple take into consideration the needs of your dog or the purpose for buying the dog crate.

If you are still feeling confused then start with taking the measurements of your dog and you can find many articles and guides online. Then after taking the measurements of your pet, you can also use the internet to find suggestions on the right crate. The crate should be 2-4 inches higher above the dog’s head when he or she is in a standing position. For dog’s with erect ears, the ears must be included. For the width of the crate, the full size or length of the dog’s tail is not considered. Just take the measurement that starts at the dog’s nose to the base of his or her tale. From there, add two inches. For dogs with very thick tail add a few more inches. The dog’s heigh while sitting should also be taken into consideration. If by any means taking the dog’s measurements is a little challenging for the dog owner, he or she can get a recommendation from the dog’s vet or the manufacturer of dog crates.

The things stated above should make choosing dog crate sizes easier for pet owners. Again, what is best for other dogs may not be good for your dog. You should consider your very reason for having a dog crate as well as your pet’s needs.

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