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By | October 29, 2017

Eyeliner Tips You Should Apply

Being beautiful is a natural thing, however, maintaining the beauty is the work and it can all begin from a basic factor whether you have a dry skin or you have an oily skin the next thing is to know whether your skin is sensitive or it can adapt to any cosmetic you apply, most of the people consider using the natural ingredients to make their skin smooth and radiant.

The commonly dreaded skin is the oily skin but not to worry if you have that type of skin since you can totally handle it with no hitches the only basic things to do is to ensure that the skin is always dray you take less junk food or food with oil by doing this you can avoid having the acne or even the black spots caused by large pores which are always secreting the oil.

Their different types of eyeliners to be used in the eye area and to deciding can be a little tricky to beginners but of them all there three basic types of eyeliners there is the most common eyeliner the pencil eyeliner followed by the gel eyeliner then there is the liquid eyeliner these eyeliners differ in both purpose and means of application, for instance, the pencil eyeliner is easy to use but it can be hard to spread unlike the liquid eyeliner which comes with a tube and a brush it is easy to spread but it takes a lot of time to spread.

The eyes can tell a lot of things whether you’re tired sick or even hung over the best way to conceal this is the use of eyeliners in the correct procedure for instance you can use white eyeliners on the lower part of your eyes to conceal the fact that you have small eyes if well used it can be very difficult for an amateur to know if you used it to serve that purpose, another great trick the eyeliner can do is to hide your hangover or tired eyes when used perfectly the nude lower water line can be very helpful since it can be very hard to tell if you’re tired if the part that indicates this is well covered by the eyeliner.

The main issue when applying the eyeliner is being shaky and ending up messing your great effort to apply eyeliners the best method to approach this situation is to have a seat and put your elbow on a flat surface that is not shaky and ensure your pink finger rests on your chick this stance ensures that you don’t make a mess of your beautiful eyebrows.

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