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By | October 30, 2017

Getting to Know More about Cats

You have to understand that domestic cats are very smart and independent. There are some cats who are so smart that they do what they want to do. When the cat wants to play, it plays with other people around the house, if it wants to sit alone on the corner or ask for some food, it will not hesitate.

Cats like any animal will also have different personalities. Some cats would stay silent on the side while some cats keep on meowing around the house. There are cats that love to eat food while some cats are choosy. Some cats eat anything a person gives it which is scary sometimes because some might be bad for the cat. There are a lot of cats that hate other people and try to hide from them but when it comes to the love and affection from the owner, any cat would love that.

The cat will keep on rubbing its body or tail on the owner’s leg if it wants attention from the owner. Or the cat may meow around looking for you. A lot of cats are attentive in what is going on with the surroundings, shifting their ears to listen to the slightest changes in the area. They listen and watch around as they try to understand what is going on. Some out door cats love to glance around before they cross the road.

You need to know that cats are very smart and they are known to show that side of them very often. There are cats that love watching programs on TV and listening to music as well. You can know whether a cat is feeling well or not. You can know by lifting the cat up, if the cat is loose and light, the cat is doing fine. A stressed cat is a heavy and tight cat. You can also train your cat to do tricks like what dogs do. Cats love to be lazy and take naps hence the creation of the phrase, cat nap.

If you have mice problems or pests problems, rest assured that these cats will hunt anything that moves inside your home, mice, crickets lizards and the like will be its prey, with speed, agility and intelligence, they are hunting machines.

You have to know that your cats are also good friends, you will love holding your cat while relaxing on the couch, watching a good show. Having a cat is great, they can do a lot of things that you guys did not know until you read this cat blog, right? Cats are wonderful living creatures that need to be understood.

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