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8 best solar devices for travelers

A new trend has appeared on the mobile device market – smartphones and tablets with an integrated solar panel. These devices are ideal for travelers because they do not need access to outlets. We have collected 8 of the best smartphones, tablets and other devices working on solar energy and intended for tourists.

Sunny smartphone Kyocera Torque SKT01

The Japanese company Kyocera is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar panels. And even her own smartphones she decided to equip with similar technologies. The first serial solar phone from this company will be a device called Kyocera Torque SKT01.

Interestingly, the solar panel in this device will not be built into the cover on the back of the phone. It will become part of the Kyocera Torque SKT01 screen. This unit will use the innovative technology Wysips Crystal, implying the integration of solar panels with the display.

This technology allows you to significantly extend the duration of the smartphone on a single battery charge. True, the power of the solar panel integrated into Wysips Crystal is still not enough to fully charge the battery in the phone within one daylight hours.

Earl Solar Tablet Computer

Earl is the world’s first tablet computer, which without exaggeration can be called an “SUV”. This device is designed for real adventure travelers to save them even in the most difficult situations.

Unlike other tablets, Earl is equipped with a monochrome screen based on the technology of electronic ink E-Ink. This technical feature repeatedly extends the duration of the device, because such a display consumes significantly less energy than the standard full-color LED.

At the same time, a solar battery is built into the back panel of the Earl tablet computer, which allows you to charge it anywhere without being tied to the presence … Read More ...