8 best solar devices for travelers

By | March 6, 2019

A new trend has appeared on the mobile device market – smartphones and tablets with an integrated solar panel. These devices are ideal for travelers because they do not need access to outlets. We have collected 8 of the best smartphones, tablets and other devices working on solar energy and intended for tourists.

Sunny smartphone Kyocera Torque SKT01

The Japanese company Kyocera is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar panels. And even her own smartphones she decided to equip with similar technologies. The first serial solar phone from this company will be a device called Kyocera Torque SKT01.

Interestingly, the solar panel in this device will not be built into the cover on the back of the phone. It will become part of the Kyocera Torque SKT01 screen. This unit will use the innovative technology Wysips Crystal, implying the integration of solar panels with the display.

This technology allows you to significantly extend the duration of the smartphone on a single battery charge. True, the power of the solar panel integrated into Wysips Crystal is still not enough to fully charge the battery in the phone within one daylight hours.

Earl Solar Tablet Computer

Earl is the world’s first tablet computer, which without exaggeration can be called an “SUV”. This device is designed for real adventure travelers to save them even in the most difficult situations.

Unlike other tablets, Earl is equipped with a monochrome screen based on the technology of electronic ink E-Ink. This technical feature repeatedly extends the duration of the device, because such a display consumes significantly less energy than the standard full-color LED.

At the same time, a solar battery is built into the back panel of the Earl tablet computer, which allows you to charge it anywhere without being tied to the presence of outlets and electrical networks.

SnowLizard SLXTREME – solar cover for smartphone

SnowLizard SLXTREME is a case that turns an ordinary smartphone into a secure multi-functional device that is not afraid of water, dirt or dust, or the absence of working outlets nearby.

SnowLizard SLXTREME is a real “exoskeleton” for a phone, protecting the device not only from external influences, but also from discharging its batteries. After all, on the back of this cover is a panel that allows you to charge the smartphone batteries from sunlight.

The SnowLizard SLXTREME case is also equipped with a built-in external battery with a capacity of 2300 mAh.

Bluesmart – a smart suitcase for advanced travelers

Bluesmart is the perfect travel case for avid travelers. In addition to the basic function of transporting personal belongings, this bag can perform many other tasks. For example, Bluesmart has the ability to integrate with a smartphone via a wireless communication interface. So only the suitcase will be removed from the phone to an unauthorized distance (that is, it will be stolen), it will immediately start making loud sounds, and its owner will receive information about the location of the loss.

In addition, the Bluesmart case has a built-in battery for charging smartphones, tablet computers and laptops. After all, travelers do not always manage to find an outlet to which these devices can be connected.

Moreover, a solar panel is integrated into one of the outer walls of the “smart” suitcase Bluesmart, which fills the above-mentioned battery with energy.

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Ray-Ban Shama-Shades – sunglasses with solar panels

Traveling to the southern countries, do not be too lazy to buy in advance unusual sunglasses called Ray-Ban Shama-Shades. After all, they allow fans of mobile gadgets to stay for a long time without having to charge their smartphone or tablet from the outlet.

Ray-Ban Shama-Shades handles are small solar panels with built-in batteries. So at the end of the day, the owner of this unusual high-tech accessory can easily detach the mentioned parts from the eyepieces in order to charge the batteries in the smartphone with them.

Solar powered backpack

Another bag for real travelers. After all, it is not necessary to carry your things in your hands, even if it is an easy-to-use suitcase on wheels. You can shift the entire load on the shoulders, using a backpack. It is especially convenient if it is equipped not only with a large capacity and different pockets, but also with an integrated solar panel.

Such backpacks in the past few years have been on sale. It is very convenient. Travelers do not need now when discharging a smartphone, tablet or camera frantically searching for a source of electricity. Now the socket is always with them, it hangs behind their backs and does not tie a person to him for an hour or two – you can charge the phone right on the go.

PowerTraveller PowerMonkey Extreme – a set of solar panel and external battery

PowerTraveller PowerMonkey Extreme is a whole set for travelers, which simultaneously combines an external battery for mobile devices, as well as a compact solar panel for charging it.

The panel of the PowerTraveller PowerMonkey Extreme when folded is comparable in size to a modern smartphone with a five or six inch screen. But it can be deployed to double the area of photocells.

This panel can be put on the ground at rest stops or hung on a backpack while moving. And the external battery from the PowerTraveller PowerMonkey Extreme set is easily placed in the bag itself.

Solar Galus – solar strap for the camera

Most of the chargers described above must be separately connected to a mobile device in order to ensure its charging with solar energy. But in the case of Solar Galus, this is completely unnecessary. After all, we are talking about a strap for a camera, which is always connected with the camera.

The useful secret of the Solar Galus strap is that a solar panel is built into this accessory that constantly generates energy and charges the battery on the camera.

The performance of this device is very small, but after all modern cameras in the process of shooting consume minimal energy. So as a result, Solar Galus is a very useful technological accessory for traveling photographers.