Benefits of Conducting Vulnerability Tests to a Computer Network

By | November 19, 2018

Information technology systems are critical to the growth and progress of the organization. The methods used in an organization offer significant benefits such as efficiency at the workplace while at the same time ensuring that organizations use a little amount of money to undertake the normal operations. However, these systems are vulnerable to attacks, which mostly originate from cybercriminals who are highly informed about IT systems. Conducting a vulnerability test is, therefore, an essential aspect of any organization as it offers significant benefits some of which have been discussed below.

Identify Security Exposures

Organizational leaders have been known to tend to wait until a disaster strikes an organization for them to develop diagnostic measures. This is a reaction strategy that sometimes can be fatal as it might be too late to salvage anything. Conducting vulnerability tests helps an organization to identify security exposures so that they can provide solutions earlier before the attackers can find them. Being ahead of the attackers is a crucial factor for any systems administrator for security reasons.

Define the Level of Risk

Another critical benefit of conducting vulnerability tests is that it helps the IT system user to define the level of risk that the systems face. There is no way an individual can be able to provide security to the system without understanding the level of risk exposure. Security systems such as firewalls and other essential security methods such as physical barriers are applied concerning risk levels. Defining the levels of risk will give a system administrator the chance to select the best security method for the computer systems in the organization.

Creating Inventory of all Devices

Any person who wants to conduct a system vulnerability test must always understand all the systems in a network. There is no way an individual can be able to conduct a penetration test without understanding all the systems that make the whole network. Therefore, vulnerability testing gives an opportunity for the company to create an inventory list of all the devices. The inventory contains information on the purpose of each device and the risk associated with each device in the system.

Develop Security Measures

Conducting vulnerability tests helps the systems administrators to understand all the risks that the system faces while at the same time providing the necessary solution. The systems administrators who have the chance of understanding the specific threat that faces their systems get an opportunity to give a particular solution. Some security exposures need a customized security system that can only be provided after a close analysis of the vulnerabilities facing a specific system.

Establish a Risk/Benefit Curve

It is common knowledge that evaluating the security of the system gives the company an opportunity to provide the necessary solution. However, some security solutions are costly to the businesses to bear. Conducting vulnerability tests gives a system administrator the chance to evaluate the cost of the security to be provided and the resulting benefits to the company. If security strategy offers more benefits to the company than the associated expenses, the security method is recommended.