Buying a Panerai for the First Time

By | August 18, 2018

A Rolex watch is a conversation starter. A Panerai watch steals the show. They are gorgeous timepieces that let the world know the person wearing it as “made it.” Once a person has made the decision to buy a Panerai watch, they may be easily tempted to visit this website today to make their purchase. However, it’s important to do a little work before buying a Panerai watch for the first time.

Understand What Makes the Watch a Panerai Watch

A Panerai watch isn’t like any other watch on the market. Of course, most people know that, or they wouldn’t be interested in buying one. Each Panerai watch has a base dial with two hands: minutes and hours. None of the watches show the date. The watch face has four numerals: three, six, nine and 12. This gives a Panerai watch its unique and bold style.

Decide the Type of Panerai Watch is the Best Based Personal Style

The Panerai brand includes many types of timepieces. Many people not sure which watch to buy will go for the PAM00112 watch. It has a 44mm case and showcases the classic Panerai watch shape and size. It also includes the signature crown protector on the watch.

Some of the Panerai watches have a seconds hand and various features such as changing the wristbands. It’s important to research the various types of Panerai watches available to determine whether they meet the person’s style preferences. For instance, the watch the Panerai Luminor has a crown bridge on the face. It has a more masculine look to the design.

The Panerai Radiomir doesn’t have a crown bridge. It has wristband straps that tapers to the buckle. This makes it a little harder to change them.

Choose a Panerai Watch By Occasion

Many people decide to buy a Panerai for a special occasion. For instance, they want to wear the watch at social events like formal dinners. Another person may want to wear a Panerai watch every day. Choosing the watch according to the occasion will help the person buy their first Panerai watch. If the watch is a gift, it’s best to choose the watch based on the person wearing it every day. This is especially the case if the person doesn’t go to a lot of special events.

Decide Whether to Buy a Pre-Owned Panerai or a New One

The last step before buying a Panerai watch is to decide whether it will be new or pre-owned. A pre-owned Panerai watch retains its value over time. So, it a person should worry about value with a pre-owned Panerai. If buying a new pre-owned Panerai, the watch should offer a good value and include a full warranty.

A person may decide they must have a brand new Panerai watch. That’s a good option too. A new Panerai generally allows an individual to get a good their investment back if they resell after about five years. The choice of whether to buy a pre-owned or new Panerai comes down to personal taste.