Does God have a web site?

By | May 15, 2018

I’ve been trying to get a hold of the Almighty for quite some time now. He’s given me so much to do and all the abilities to do it, but he’s never around when you need him, right?
Well, that’s not quite true. In fact; it’s not true at all. It seems just as some cannot see the forest for the trees, some don’t seem to be able to see God for the universe. That’s right; the entire universe is his very creation and its stewardship in the Bible rests firmly on our shoulders. Deal with it.

So much has come to be since the beginning. The continuing growth and advancements of man have provided more tools and skills and knowledge & experience for we to carry on the divine stewardship that is the responsibility of us all. Such tools include technology which has allowed the Word of God to be spread to every corner of the Earth with lightning speed and crystal clarity. Before the advent of this miraculous technological gift, the teachings of The Word of God were a herculean effort at best. However, the persistent nature of all of Gods children have given way to that which we take for granted every day; technology; born of man who was in turn created by God himself.

That we all know God created everything makes it a bit easier to obey his command of stewardship of the Earth and all life on it, and many challenges are placed in our paths to teach us. Each task is meant to better our lives and help us grow and gather wisdom which we can in turn impart to our children who take the wisdom and add to it with their own.

Rest assured that every invention in the world today is also of original creation and the current technology is no exception. The church has indeed expanded to encompass his entire world using blessed knowledge and technology in the form of delightfully easy to use and powerful applications which can be utilized from the palm of your hand; no matter where you are.

Discover the possibilities available with technology. Staying connected with one another 24/7 seems like it was meant to be, right? Technology itself has been the result of divine providence, and of course, it is. All we need do is obey and live the lives we’ve been blessed with. Stewardship is not our bane, it’s our duty.

The merging of Church and technology has leapfrogged the teachings of the word of our Lord God and indeed there is no stopping technology now, and who wants to? Instant access to a vast bank of human knowledge allows anyone to seek and find the simple answers to the simple questions they have. It’s miraculous!

The monstrously large machines of yesteryear have developed into the powerful hand held personal devices we have today and have given us the power to share and learn every blessed day of our lives.