Increase Your Child’s Self-Esteem by More Educational Involvement

By | June 24, 2018

According to Do Something, there are about 70 percent of girls who are in the age range of 15-17 years old who tend to avoid doing normal activities, like going to school and or seeing friends, all because they suffer from low self-esteem. In addition, there are more than 40 percent of boys in both middle and high school who have goals of gaining more muscle mass. It is no secret that many high school-aged kids have low self-esteem and try to change the way they look. This may be due to the influence of other children in school or what they see in social media and or TV. What is important here, is that more and more teens have low self-esteem and are being less motivated in their education. Many teens are cutting school and or are opting out of joining in on educational activities because they feel bad about the way they look. It is important for parents to understand their child and their self-esteem issues and try their best to decrease the amount of low self-esteem they have.

What many parents fail to realize is that it is critical to be more involved in your child’s educational life. There have been many studies all over the country that if parents are more involved in their child’s education, their child has a higher chance of succeeding overall. They are more likely to go to college, get a good job and own a home. In addition, they are likely to have less behavioral issues in the long run. According to Child Trends, students who have more involvement with their child’s education are more likely to perform better in school. Parental involvement is critical to the overall success of your child’s education. It all starts with teaching your child the importance of an education and allowing them to gain and interest for education. However, if your child is suffering from low self-esteem because of school, it is critical that parents do everything they can to help with that. Parents need to find a way to be creative to get their child to have a higher self-esteem so that they can find motivation to succeed in their education.

There are many ways that parents can be creative to help their children succeed. Studies show that many school-age children are utilizing their cell phones and or social media on a regular basis. Yes, there are studies that show that smartphones and social media has its many disadvantages for school-age children, but you can somehow turn this around and make this a positive thing. There are many apps and software out there that encourage learning and development with school-age children. There are many ways that you can get your child to be more motivated by having them join in on websites that support education. There are fun apps that allow students to connect in an online classroom and share homework and tips and tricks. You can search online for: Class Dojo. From here you should find one of the best educational app and or website you may want to have your child try.

Overall, there are more and more students getting involved with apps that allow virtual classrooms to connect. When students are able work on their self-esteem, they are more likely to succeed in their education. Parental involvement with their child’s education is always critical to having their child succeed.