Proof Some Politicians Skipped Too Many History Classes – Prohibition Does Not Work!

By | August 18, 2018

It must be true, otherwise how could so many U.S. law makers continue this useless vendetta against Cannabis if they had been listening to their history teachers? Prohibition has never worked and that’s a proven fact. All it really does is provide an opportunity for organized crime to thrive because the black market will always be happy to sell anything the government has forbidden. Remembering Prohibition: Lessons for Cannabis Legalization in the U.S. should be required reading for anyone still against full legalization.

Al Capone rose to criminal fame on the back of alcohol prohibition and more recently, Jimmy Cournoyer of New York was doing so well in the illegal Cannabis industry he owned a car worth $2,000.000 when he was busted. That’s not a misprint, the dude was actually driving a car worth millions because that’s how well Marijuana prohibition worked for him. If laws made more sense neither of those men would have been able to accomplish what they did selling alcohol or marijuana legally.

Prohibitionist Mentality or Clever Plan?

I’m sure proof exists somewhere in the world that some substances are and have been prohibited to the many for the benefit of the few but good luck finding that evidence. You’d think politicians would have realized by now what a sinful waste of tax payer dollars the “war on drugs” has been, but some people are just slow learners.

It’s been said by many the real reason behind prohibition has always been politics for profit and they’d be right. What smells so bad about that is too often the person doing the banning is also the one selling the only other options. Here’s what really happens when the law says you can’t have something anymore.

  • Banned substances immediately flourish on the black market where anyone can buy because they have no restrictions and aren’t regulated by law.
  • Illegal operations aren’t required to practice quality control or even common hygiene. Consumers risk a lot when they buy from someone without a license to sell. Government regulation isn’t always a bad thing when it means you don’t get sick from contaminated products.
  • Crime rates rise, with an increase in violence as well as organized crime. Law Enforcement is forced to spend a big chunk of their budget on getting more cruisers on the street and yet they complain they don’t have the funds to properly equip them for full safety or even pay over-time.


Cannabis isn’t a dirty word anymore and even the worst of the critics are being forced to admit defeat. Personally, I think the smell of money woke them up and changed their opinions. That and the fact that when social acceptance is already a given, it only makes a person look like a fool to keep fighting over spite or the inability to just get over it.

So, has a cure been found for political pigheadedness and have we seen the last of useless prohibitions? Seems so as far as Cannabis goes but it does make a person wonder what the powers that be are planning to ban next, or have they finally figured out that kind of action will likely cost them more votes than it gains. No one wants their name associated with a politician that doesn’t know when they are on the losing end of something.